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One-to-One Meditation

Meditation is one of the most direct and effective strategies for personal growth with the power to completely transform your life. My one-to-one meditation sessions are open to all ages and levels of experience with meditation. It is well researched that even 20 minutes of meditation a day, can see you reap multiple health benefits, and areas of the brain reconfigure in as little as 6-8 weeks, bringing major shifts to your well-being and vitality.

Sometimes we just need to be given permission, supported and lovingly held to account in order to reconnect to our own heart. One to one support is an integrated meditation and coaching approach to help you connect to your own center of calm and move forward with inner confidence and clarity.

Using my own years of experience with a daily meditation practice and the knowledge learned through accredited yoga and MBSR teacher training courses, I am here to guide you gracefully through a personalised meditation programme with compassion, kind sincerity and wisdom.

Who are my meditation sessions for? Who can they help?

My meditation sessions are designed for anyone looking to explore meditation for the first time, wanting to deepen their meditation practice, and everything in-between.

-          New to meditation and not sure where to start

-          Wanting to begin a regular meditation practice but would benefit from additional support, guidance and motivation

-          Wanting to improve your mental well-being

-          Reduce levels of stress, anxiety and depression

-          Feeling dissatisfied with your life

-          Feeling stuck in your life and not sure which direction to turn next

-          Lacking confidence in yourself and your body

-          Struggling with poor body image/disordered eating patterns

-          Overcoming past trauma/negative experiences

-          Improving sleep.


How does it work?

We schedule a free 15-20 minute consultation to discuss your current experience and intentions for meditation, giving you the chance to ask me any questions you may have and get to know me a little more. I then guide you through a single session or a block of meditation sessions individually designed and tailored to your own needs.

For single session bookings:

Had a bad day or need a mid-week pick me up following a stressful day at work? Struggling mentally, feeling lost, overwhelmed, anxious? Have a big event, speech, or competition coming up and struggling with nerves? I am here to help you however I can by offering my skills and experience in meditation to guide you through whatever your current situation.

Sessions can be arranged 7 days a week, with a flexible time schedule. 30 minutes notice for our session is politely asked for.

For block bookings:

Our first session will focus more on general relaxation and releasing tension from the physical body. We will notice and work with the areas of the body that stress, anxiety and fear (or whatever it is that you are working through) shows up in your body and how this affects all areas of your life from your career, relationship with yourself, food, exercise and personal relationships etc.

Following our first session I will tailor each of these to you. I am available to contact in the week leading up to sessions, so if there is something recent that has come up for you or that you are currently struggling with I can then build this into our upcoming session.


Sessions can take place online over Skype, at your own home (depending on location), or at my log cabin studio at my home in Staffordshire. Sessions can also be pre-recorded and sent to you electronically.



Single 30 minute session - £30

Single 60 minute session - £45

Single 90 minute session - £65

6 Session Pass (60 minutes) - £225

Monthly Meditation Subscription - £20/month (Find out what this involves here)

How to book or inquire

To book or inquire please contact me via the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.