Traditionally yoga was taught on a one to one basis, its secret passed down from one wise sage to another. This method works beautifully because all people are unique and therefore will have different needs or intentions for their practice.

I offer private one-to-one classes from my little peaceful home yoga studio in Cannock, Staffordshire, giving you the opportunity to experience a tailor-made practice, respecting your body, individual needs and personal ability. It may be possible to take sessions in your own home, depending on your location.

I love to help others understand their body and become confident in their yoga practice. I aspire to make the poses that may be intimidating seem less scary; and I empower to make my students feel good, cared for and comfortable when practicing in my presence. I encourage my students to use what we learn in the practice in addition to extra resources and further guidance to help develop their own practice outside of our private sessions.

Who are these classes suitable for?

My private sessions are suitable for absolute beginners, giving opportunity to ask plenty of questions and learn more about the philosophical and anatomical background of yoga, the language use and dynamics of a vinyasa practice. I encourage firm foundations and good habits so that my students can be confident that they are practicing safely and productively, yet still having fun!

For regular yogis, these sessions are an opportunity to revel in going deeper, enjoying attention that you may not receive in a larger group class: physical adjustments, yoga massage, and more specific cues. It is a chance to be introduced to things which are rarely introduced in group classes, refine and work on the specific parts of your practice that most need it, or get the chance to be creative and start designing your own sequences and flows. I help you with any poses or aspects of your practice that you wish to work on, be it strength, flexibility, balance, relaxation, or even a particular pose like handstand! Most of all, we have fun!

What can you expect from my one-to-one yoga classes?

My one-to-one sessions are individually designed and tailored to your needs. Here’s an idea of what you can expect from my private classes:

• Mindful movement

• Breathing practices

• Mindfulness & meditation

• Mudra (hand movements)

• Mantra (affirmations)

• Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation)

• Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques

• Yoga for injury recovery

• Hands-on assist, massage and body-work

• Essential oils.

In addition to our work together, you will be given homework (the good kind of homework!) to integrate this work into your daily life.

What are the benefits of one-to-one yoga?

There are many benefits to learning yoga one-to-one, whether you are too busy or unable to attend group classes, need some inspiration to deepen your home practice or would like something bespoke for you. Each session will focus on your unique needs, working to balance the body inviting energy to flow freely so it can return to its natural state of balance, homeostasis. Through meditation, breath work and yoga we will evoke clarity of mind, which will tap into the subtler aspects aligning the body from the inside. 

It is through these practices that we begin to cultivate clarity and calm, allowing us to glide through life with grace and ease; living yoga off the mat.


60 minute class - £50.00

90 minute class - £75.00

6 Class Pass (60 minutes) - £260.00


A free 15-minute consultation is offered prior to your first class to get to know your needs and desires so I can create the perfect class best suited to you. For questions or to book please don’t hesitate to contact me below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.


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