Weekly Class Schedule


Drop-in Class: £7.00

6 Class Pass: £37.00

Class Styles


Hot Yoga is a Power Vinyasa Yoga sequence practiced in a heated room. The room is heated to between 28-30 degrees and the flowing athletic practice will strengthen body and mind. This fantastic workout is suitable for any age, shape or size and is enjoyed by as many men as women.

You do not have to be flexible and you do not have to have done yoga before. You will sweat and work out! A hot yoga practice will condition your entire body. This is like 'super' yoga and the benefits of the heat include detoxification, deeper stretches, increased flexibility, a compliment to other sports training and support in recovery from injury.


This challenging, fun and creative flow class with Grace will explore the dynamic elements of vinyasa flow before floating you down to the mat and into a deep state of relaxation. The final thirty minutes will integrate deeper, restorative postures, longer holds and guided meditation to counterbalance the energy created through flowing. Leaving you feeling balanced and well-grounded physically, mentally and spiritually.


This class infuses candlelit ambiance and essential oils to help ease away the week and prepare you for a restful night's sleep to welcome the upcoming week. You will be guided through gentle flowing and restorative postures using the support of props. You will also be invited and to set and work on a weekly intent to continue throughout the week ahead. This class will not only ease and release your muscles but will also guide you on an inner-journey to step into your full power and face adversity in life.


Deep meditation is to the mind what deep tissue massage is to the muscles. This class will focus and move your energy in a very deliberate way to transcend physical consciousness and allow for a truly peaceful, calm and still mind. Grace’s meditations are creative, visual and deeply insightful. From mountains and rainforests, to the ocean and grand historic castles, you will explore the creative mechanisms of the mind and learn more about yourself in the process.

Grace is inspired to help others reclaim their sense of self, reconnect to their power, boost their confidence and learn to fall in love with who they are and where they are. Her thought-provoking and insightful meditations will encourage you to leave behind past hurt, trauma and self-diminishing beliefs, find courage in the face of adversity and step into your true power.

My guided meditation classes involve gentle exploration of mindful body awareness, stillness, and presence. Each week, you will be guided through a powerful visual meditation practice, prompting you to explore deeper depths of relaxation and pure stillness. You will be guided to experience the silence, curiosity and awareness of your own true nature and learn more about yourself in the process. We will work through challenges and obstacles which may be preventing you from moving forwards in your life, and any emotional baggage that is no longer yours to carry. Release, let go, forgive and allow yourself this time to look within. My meditation classes are open to all levels (no previous meditation experience needed).


Grace welcomes you to join her new Gentle Yoga and Meditation class, at Sky Blue Yoga. In this class, you will explore the path to healing and deeply nourishing your mind, body and soul through gentle yoga, pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. The focus is within yourself to explore and experience the deepness of your own inner-power and soul truth.

You will flow through half an hour of gentle restorative yoga, followed by guided meditation and deeply relaxing shavasana to create a holistic experience for the mind, body and soul. Classes will be supplemented with soft candlelight, calming essential oils, gentle assist and massage. You will leave feeling calm, peaceful and balanced. This is the perfect mid-week treat to wind down after busy working days. No previous experience of yoga or meditation is necessary - everybody welcome.


My sport specific yoga classes combine yoga, core work, mobility drills and breath control to meet the essential needs for your sport and athletic needs. You will gain greater body awareness which will help prevent injury and optimize your sporting performance.

Having a competitive gymnastic background and being an athlete myself, I know the importance of balancing out the competitive mentality that athletes tend to develop with a calm mind. Understanding how to care for my body during intensive training has made me a better athlete. I aspire to share my experiences and learnings with other athletes, to help them train smarter, recover quicker and perform stronger both physically and mentally. These classes will help you gain strength, flexibility, body and breath awareness, and a strong, positive mindset.