What is Corporate Yoga and what are the benefits?

Long hours, commuting, sedentary desk jobs, poor sitting postures and irregular eating habits all contribute to a stressed and inefficient workforce.  Yoga in the office is a great way to address these issues! As anxiety, depression, sick days and obesity are increasing, it makes sense to invest in corporate well being.

I offer one-off or weekly yoga, meditation and mindfulness classes and/or bespoke workshops in the workplace bringing yoga, stress management, meditation and mindfulness to the corporate world in a very clear and easy to understand way.

Classes can be scheduled early morning, during lunch hours and after office hours, either as a taster session, weekly occurrence or yearly one off. 

Yoga and mindfulness in the workplace is proven to help improve employee health at work by boosting productivity and energy levels, managing and lowering stress levels, easing desk bound aches and pains and enhancing overall employee well-being. Key benefits include higher staff retention, enhanced motivation and creativity, reduced absenteeism and a greater sense of team and work morale. No matter what your requirements, whether it’s the perfect way to start or end a busy day classes can be customised to suit the needs of your company.


For groups of 14 or less - £75.00 per class

For groups of 15 or more - £5.00 per person

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