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 Meet Grace


Grace is a Staffordshire based yoga and meditation teacher with a passion for helping everyone she encounters — both in her classes and off the mat — manifest their dreams. From an early age, Grace has been deeply invested in physical fitness - from ballet to gymnastics, to triathlons and everything in between. Her love for movement translates to a physical practice and teaching style that is both strong and graceful, challenging and grounding. Over the past few years, her yoga practice has become much more than a physical practice on the mat. It has evolved organically on mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions, and now, alongside meditation, plays a momentous role in nourishing her physical and mental well-being.

Inspired by her earlier elite gymnastics career and passion for living a healthy lifestyle, Grace embarked on a journey to learn more about nutrition and the benefits of active living at university. A creative passion for plant-based cooking and writing saw Grace become the Author of the vegan cookbook, Simplistically Raw. Following appearances on BBC Radio Leeds and Made in Leeds TV, she inspired others to make healthy, balanced food choices to better improve their relationship with their body and empower their mental health. This path led her to take her first yoga class in 2016, at Sky Blue Yoga, where she immediately fell in love with the practice.

After years of strengthening her own practice her determination to empower others through yoga flourished. From 2016, Grace worked as Studio Manager at Sky Blue Yoga Studio based in Stafford. 2019 saw her venture to Sri Lanka, where she completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Dylan Ayaloo Training Academy. Since traveling back to the UK, through her yoga classes, workshops and online content she aims to help others find health, happiness, balance and abundant joy for life through yoga and meditation.

Grace has recently completed her BSc in Health, Exercise and Nutrition at Leeds Trinity University, achieving a First Class Honours degree. She is REPs Personal Training Level 2, 3 and GP Exercise Referral qualified, as well as being a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Alongside her teaching, Grace is currently working full time at British Gymnastics as Social Media Coordinator. Though, her creative flare doesn’t end here - Grace also invests work into Digital Marketing and Website Design for leading UK businesses and organisations including the formidable Dylan Ayaloo Training Academy, CalmSpace Yoga and Claire Arnott.


Grace’s strong, dynamic flows help cultivate body awareness, empower students to embrace their unique gifts, and give students a deep understanding of their yoga practice. Nurturing yin and guided meditation supplement the dynamic yang of her classes, leaving students feeling well-balanced, and deeply nourished physically and mentally.


My Journey

I was first led to yoga in the depths of emotional despair, aged 15. Therapists and professionals had encouraged me toward a healing path and introduced me to the holistic mind-body practice of yoga. A busy, restless and over-active mind meant that I struggled to be present and lying in Savasana (for those of you who are not familiar, a yogic relaxation - the final posture taken at the end of each yoga class) engulfed in stillness was unbearable. Immediately, I questioned my ability to be a good ‘Yogi’ and my innate nature of self-critique jumped ship. There were many of things about my first class that made me deeply resent the practice of yoga - I mean, the constant comparison with others in class, the ‘not feeling good enough’, having very little confidence in my body, beating myself up when each pose and flow wasn’t ‘perfect’. God forbid, I remember lying there in Savasana feeling the tears stream down my cheeks, the pounding of my heart beating against my sternum and then all of a sudden there it was. This huge wave of relief. Release. Like somehow everything made sense, the pieces of the jigsaw fitted together. It was in this very moment that seeds were sown. This was where my unending love for the practice really began.

I continued to practice yoga intermittently throughout my high school years, but it wasn't until I moved to Leeds for university, in my late teens, that my yoga journey truly unfurled. My mat became my safe sanctuary to escape my restless and over-anxious mind. It was where I kindled a secret romance for yoga and cultivated an increased awareness of the effects the practice had on my mind, body, and soul... touching all areas of my life.

The more time I dedicated to my practice, the more I began to understand that the physical asanas really were just the tip of the iceberg. The real practice goes much deeper than that. The introspective elements encouraging me to tune in to sensations – something which I had become skilfully adept at ignoring, the teachings on self-love, the moving and breathing in unison in a soul-connected group all played a part in helping me rediscover a feeling of being at home in my body. The body that for far too long I had neglected, punished and destroyed.

My journey isn’t over yet, nor is it complete. For our growth is eternal, everlasting and boundless. The only boundaries enforced on our growth are ones that we have applied. I still have distance to travel to be where I aspire to be, but I am no longer ashamed to admit this. Looking back, I can see the miles of road I have lived and travelled. I can see the trees and landmarks I have passed as the wise lessons of wisdom, courage and self-growth that I have learned. And I also know, there will be infinite amount for me to yet learn. Now, I am grounded. I am rooted and connected to my soul purpose. I view myself and my body with compassion and kindness and know that I am universally guided and am exactly where I need to be.

For me, my mat has been, still is and will continue to be my temple. It has held all the feelings that I am sometimes afraid to feel. Through my movement, my intention and my energy, my mat allows me to explore the growing edges of myself in a way that feels attainable. Yoga has and continues to teach me to stop fighting my own thoughts. To sweetly surrender to what is.

I show up on my mat every day because that is my space to soak in my creative energy, embrace the many facets of flow and ground in my intuition. When I practice arrive home to my magic as I cultivate new growth on many levels. I say goodbye to old wings as new ones grow in their place.

Every single day I am growing. Learning to follow the sweet callings of my soul, pouring my heart into that which I love. Through my flow I grow.

And now it’s time for me to share this, with you…