What does my Monthly Meditation Membership include?


What are you signing up for?

My Monthly Meditation Membership focuses on one-to-one support is an integrated meditation and coaching approach to help you connect to your own centre of calm and move forward with inner-confidence and clarity. Building a home meditation practice, listening to your own intuition and demystifying challenges or blocks can feel tricky and daunting on your own (I know, I’ve been there too!).

Sometimes all we need is just need to be given permission, supported and lovingly held to account in order to reconnect to our own heart. And, sometimes, all we need is a little guidance, support and encouragement to help us get going.

I will hold this dedicated time and space for you to realise you already hold all the answers within, you can do the things you feel called to do and hold you lovingly accountable to prioritise yourself.

Meditations will be personalised to suit your needs and lifestyle. We will work on the aspects of your life that are perhaps holding you back or lacking fulfilment. During sessions there is the space to discuss what comes up non-judgmentally and constructively. I offer a down-to-earth, supportive and non-judgmental approach to meditation, coaching and mentoring. You will receive my full, present and focused attention during each of our sessions which will be carefully planned, just for you.

You can read more about My Meditation here.

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Who is this membership for?

  • Anyone looking for clarity of headspace

  • Those who want to make changes but aren’t quite sure which direction to take

  • Those looking to kick start a new venture, mindset or handle a challenge with grounding, clarity and confidence

  • Those wanting to be re-energised and recharged

  • Those wanting to get to know, love and accept themselves exactly as they are.

Benefits of meditation

  • Build clarity and confidence within yourself

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Have clear sense of purpose and direction

  • Learn simple mindfulness tools for remaining balanced in everyday life

  • and lots more!


£27.00 / month (taken by direct debit).

*I politely ask for 14 days notice for subscription cancellations.

Not sure whether this is right for you? No problem, get in touch and we can have a chat first. We can work through any questions or worries you may have.