I am trained to deliver yoga to all athletes — regardless of age or sport — but I specialise in Yoga for gymnasts, cyclists and runners. Click on the images below to find out more about the yoga I deliver for these specific sports.

Why Yoga for Athletes?

With Grace’s love of anatomy and physiology, her personal experience as an elite gymnast, and her keen passion for all things fitness, Grace fully understands the demands that sport can put on the body, and the needs of athletes in injury recovery, prevention and training. Yoga helped me both physically and mentally when my gymnastic career was at it’s peak. The improvements in my recovery following training and the challenging poses building strength really optimized my performance both in training and competition. Whilst the mental discipline, practices and space for my mind to breathe hugely helped me manage stress, anxiety and competition jitters.

Having experienced the revolutionary impact yoga had for me during a strong athletic career, I am passionate to share this with other athletes to empower them physically and mentally to be the best athlete they can possibly be.

I am fully REPs Level 2, 3 and GP Exercise Referral Qualified and graduated university with a First Class Honours BSc Degree in Sport, Health, Exercise and Nutrition.


What are the benefits of Yoga for Athletes?

There are many benefits of yoga for athletes. By integrating yoga into your training program you can:

  • Release tension through stretching with full body awareness

  • Reduce risk of injury by safely strengthening muscles

  • Increase lung capacity with breathing techniques

  • Optimise recovery

  • Improve performance

  • Develop mental focus

  • Increase flexibility and balance

  • The physical practice of yoga helps you remain steady and alert, but comfortable. By developing your focus in this way, you will also gain tools to help you stay ‘in the zone’.

Club Sessions and One-to-One Classes

I am REPs qualified and trained to deliver yoga at sporting clubs, or am available for one-to-one private sessions for individual athletes.

How to book

To book a yoga class at your sports club, or a one-to-one private session tailored to your individual needs please contact me via the form below.


Yoga for Athletes
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